Smart Search help

Smart search operates in a similar way like Google, you can search for specific dog, breed, country, breeder all in one line.

The following types of search are provided.

  • Exact search

    For exact search we have to enclose all search terms in double quotes "

    Search for anything named "Sweet Angel"

    "Sweet   Angel"
  • Wildcard search

    Use the * for wildcard searches

    Search for all dogs whose name starts with Sweet

  • Smart search

    Simple words without any operator

    Search for all dogs that live in Germany OR Greece

    Germany   Greece
  • Required Search

    This way we may enter multiple required search terms to perform more restrictive searches.

    Find all Bulldogs living in Germany :

    +Bulldog   +Germany

    Find all male akitas bred by mr. John Breeder

    +John   +Breeder   +male   +Akita

    This search will fetch American Akitas also which we will exclude in the next example

    Exclude American Akitas from our search

    +John   +Breeder   +male   +Akita   -American

    This search will fetch all Akitas except Americans

    Find all Akitas bred by Mr. John Breeder with puppies available

    +John   +Breeder   +female   +Akita   -American   +puppies

    This search will fetch all Akitas except Americans